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Here’s another Christmas gift from me! Enjoy! We shot this quick n’ dirty.

Die Hard and Gremlins: Christmas Classics!

Frank Hejl
Anthony Apruzzese
Matt Mayer
Tamsi New
Sam Schecter
Matt Starr

Directed by:
David Bluvband

Edited by:
John Zachary Townsend

Will Cleveland

Tim Jansen

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    I edited this video! It was wicked fun to do. Oh the BLOOPERS I saw, that you will never see. Ha ha! If you ever need an...
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    Hey I’m in this.
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    The last moment when Frank shakes his hand is brilliant…
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    These jerks sound like my family when I try to watch Eyes Wide Shut every year. For God’s sake, the last scene is a...
  10. sitsitsitonyou said: hahaha this is great. my roommate always raves about die hard being his favorite xmas movie. ALWAYS. I MEAN, LIKE, EVERYDAY
  11. getoffmyblog said: we all know him now!
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    Yes! Thank you. Most correct sketch of the season. Now excuse me, I have to go watch Batman Returns.
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    Yay! Check out this video I shot for Frank Hejl!

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